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Dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment that lets you sell products without managing your own inventory. Hence it is form of business setup that allows you to act as an intermediary in house but appear as a business owner to your clients. You connect with dropshipping products suppliers and source products to sell on your store online. Customers find what theay need on your website, add it to cart and checkout on your site. then you receive their order information and subsequently forward the order info to the product supplier, and the supplier fulfills the order directly to your customer.


Our website setup for Dropshipping allows you to seamlessly operate profitably in this business niche. We include and teach you how to use the necessary products listing, promotion and ordering tools, together with the secure payment processor. Coupled with beautifully designed user friendly website, you can be readily assured quick return on investment.

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We partner with dropshipping automation tools providers like Alidropship and Dropazz – These are tools make dropshipping work easier to do that you can ever imagine. Just think about adding products to your store same way you will add images on your phone or laptop from one folder to another. It is that easy.


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March 2018

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